I am so pleased that my film A Short Epic About Love is going to be screened at Film Vault in Manchester in December!  

A Short Epic About Love is a short, twenty minute film produced by Told In Pictures and is inspired by the 1963 20th Century Fox blockbuster CLEOPATRA which has been a favourite film since childhood.  A Short Epic About Love tells the story of the 'other love affair' on the set of Hollywood's most expensive film of its day and follows the story of a young woman's romance behind the scenes of the notorious epic with the famous love story, La Scandale, between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton remaining a constant presence in the story.   The film was produced in 2013, the year that the Cleopatra of 1963 celebrated its 50th anniversary.  A SHORT EPIC ABOUT LOVE was shot in the UK on 35mm and produced by Told In Pictures and co-produced by Jack Tarling and stars Rhodri Miles as Richard Burton, Charlotte Quita Jones as Elizabeth Taylor, Aiste Gramantaite as Sofia, Cesare Taurasi as Luca and Donald Sinclair as Joseph Mankiewicz.

The award winning short film premiered at the London Short Film Festival in the Femme Fantastique Programme in 2014 and enjoyed a successful run on the film festival circuit and picked up international distribution by Berlin based distributor, Magnetfilm.  

The Soundtrack of A Short Epic About Love, the original orchestral score written for the film by composer Sarah Llewellyn is now available to download on Apple iTunes / Apple Music following its Valentine's Day release this year!

For further details please see the film's project pages on this website!

It is an honour to be selected to screen again this year at this great monthly film event in Manchester run by people who are passionate about all genres of films - it's a great atmosphere and gathering of likeminded filmlovers and filmmakers, a very diverse line-up of films and a brilliant networking opportunity for all in Manchester!  I was delighted that Time Travel Boyfriends screened there at an event earlier this year!  Thanks to Film Vault for 'inviting' another one of Told In Pictures' films! 

Screening Date and Details to follow!

Photo: Unit still by Damien Wootten taken on the set of A Short Epic About Love - pictured here are Charlotte Quita Jones and Rhodri Miles - as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton...