The Soundtrack for A Short Epic About Love is Available now!

A Short Film with it's own Epic Original Score!

Download the original music by Sarah Llewellyn!

Listen to SOFIA'S THEME!  The beautiful theme created for the film's main character which is played by actor Aiste Gramantaite,  pictured here with the Sofia's Theme sheet music at a recent celebration A Short Epic About Love reunion for the release of this unique soundtrack!

The award-winning Told In Pictures short film A Short Epic About Love is now available to watch on Amazon Video - Free For Prime Members!

You can also watch 'Josephine and Cleopatra', a short documentary, about the making of A Short Epic About Love, which features footage of the recording of the film's orchestral score in Macedonia in 2013 and includes interviews with the film's director Josephine Halbert and composer Sarah Llewellyn on the film's website: