It's fantastic news that my music video Never Stop (Live Version), the 'Jim' audio drama promotional video with music by Desert Mountain Tribe has been selected to screen at the 2018 Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival this month!

It's an honour to have the opportunity to screen the music video, at the festival which champions the creative, artistic, independent spirit of film and filmlovers alike and takes place at the most amazing location in beautiful Arizona.

The festival has been recognised by Aud News as one of the top 15 Film & Music Festivals in the world and voted one of the top 52 weekend adventures by Phoenix Magazine, USA!

I am so delighted with the continuing success of this narrative music video, which has to date had 50 film festival selections, and is the promotional video for my audio drama, 'Jim', the fictional story of a rock and roll transatlantic romance, set in the late 1960s, between an American musician and an aspiring English young writer.  The audio drama is now available to download for free on Apple Podcasts - Audio Drama by ToldbyJo.

Never Stop (Live Version) features the original live recording of the song by singer/songwriter Jonty Balls of the band Desert Mountain Tribe. I commissioned the band to write three original songs for the  soundtrack for 'Jim'.  The video also features the actors Charlotte Quita Jones and Cesare Taurasi, the actors who perform the roles in the radio drama, in dramatised scenes inspired by the story.

This recording of Never Stop, the song, received a Global Music Award in 2017, was written by songwriter Jonty Balls to a brief to create a timeless, classic, love song that the hero in the story writes for the heroine.  The music video's editor, Karoline Moser and I wanted to capture a nostalgic and vintage look to reflect the theme of the love story that is 'Jim' and to accompany the 'Jim' Soundtrack EP, the original recordings of the songs I commissioned,  Leave It Behind, The King and Never Stop.  It also includes a wonderful instrumental track specially written for the soundtrack, 'Gone To Blaises' by Arthur Young, in the spirit of the 1960s English 'whimsical' psychedelic pop which you can hear in the London nightclub scene in the play!!