Happy Valentine's Day!

A Short Epic About Love - A short film with its own EPIC short film original orchestral score!

The original soundtrack from A Short Epic About Love is available now!

The story of the other love affair on the set of Hollywood's most expensive film of its day...

Set against the backdrop of La Scandale, the legendary romance between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, a young woman finds herself in the backstage world of the famous 1963 blockbuster CLEOPATRA.  We follow her as she embarks on her own emotional, intense love affair during the final days of shooting of the doomed epic!

You can now watch Told in Pictures' A Short Epic About Love on Amazon Video and Buy the Soundtrack with the original, beautiful orchestral score specially written for the film by Sarah Llewellyn and recorded in Macedonia with the renowned F.A.M.E.S. Project and the Macedonian Radio Philharmonic Orchestra!

Love-affairs are not exclusively reserved for the Elizabeth Taylors and Richard Burtons of the world (as depicted in the story of A Short Epic About Love) So, celebrate with us, watch and share this short film and listen and share its music and be inspired by the eternal theme of love and have a Happy Valentine's day!

Amazon viewing link: http://tinyurl.com/AShortEpicAboutLove

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For further information about the music, please visit Ammadore Records at www.ammadore.com Ammadore is the music label for the music created specially for Told In Pictures productions.