It's brilliant to hear that music video Never Stop (Live Version) is a Semi-Finalist in the Best Music Video category at the excellent international independent film festival, Action On Film

I really want to thank them and feel very lucky and am appreciative to receive such a positive response from this well known US festival and to have been nominated for an award there.

Never Stop is the first 'music video' I've made for Told In Pictures - but as a filmmaker who likes to tell stories, as all filmmakers do, this video is in fact the promotional video for my own fictional story, 'Jim', a rock and roll radio play I wrote and produced about a transatlantic romance set against the backdrop of the psychedelic scene of the late 1960s.  The video features the actual live recording of the song Never Stop written by singer/songwriter Jonty Balls of the band Desert Mountain Tribe which was in a church near the Oxon, UK, studio of the music's recording producer Arthur Young of Shaken Oak Studios whose great idea it was to record a version of the song in the church - I asked the band to write three original songs for the play and the brief for this song was to write a classic love song that the hero of the story writes for the heroine. A song everyone wants to hear in any era! I was delighted with the result.  

The video also features actors Charlotte Quita Jones and Cesare Taurasi who play the main roles in the radio play which is narrated to us, as seen through the eyes of the lover and muse of Jim, a well known American musician who she met by chance when visiting California in the spring of 1968.

We filmed dramatised scenes from the play and also filmed the process of making the radio play and producing the music as we went along so the video is a result of an organic process and talent of a team of creatives.  I especially want to thank the editor Karoline Moser for her vision and work on the video. It is the third film project I've worked with Karoline on and the creative and working process in the edit of each one of them has been fantastic and a happy adventure.

For further information about 'Jim' the radio play and the music please see the 'Jim' pages on this website. The short Making of Documentary, The Making of Jim, also is viewable on the pages.

You can Watch the full video on the Jim 'Music' page here on this site:

The 'Jim' EP, released in November 2016 by Ammadore Records ( with the original recordings of the commissioned songs Leave It Behind, The King and Never Stop by Desert Mountain Tribe and also includes an instrumental track created by Arthur Young, Gone To Blaises (a winning homage to capture the essence of Swinging Sixties London era's famous nightclub Blaises, featured in my story) is available to download here: 

Jim, the radio drama is now available to listen to on PRX and the link is here: