The Brasov International Film Festival and Market Starts Tomorrow, 14th September!

You can check out the Official Selection line-up including Told In Pictures Music Video, Never Stop (Live Version).  It is wonderful and an honour to be taking part in the 2017 edition of this renowned international film festival, which promotes non violent films. I want to send A Very Big Thank You to the Brasov International Film Festival!

Here's the link to the Brasov Film Festival:

You can also read about the festival in the latest edition of Daria! Magazine, the arts, entertainment and business magazine founded by Daria's editor-in-chief and Brasov Film Festival's Daria Trifu in 2005. The magazine includes articles about the selected films at this year's festival and I am really pleased that Never Stop (Live Version) is featured!  It looks wonderful in the magazine!

Here's the link to Daria! Magazine:



The Brasov Film Festival runs from the 14th-24th September 2017 - details about viewing the films and the schedules are available on the Festival's Vimeo On Demand Channel Exclusively: